Jobs to be done

Welcome to our course: Jobs to be Done Framework for Software Developers, where you'll delve into the identification and prioritization of jobs, as well as testing, iterations, and solution development through the implementation of this methodological framework. Demographic and psychographic characteristics aren't the sole keys to understanding consumer behavior. Enter the 'jobs-to-be-done' methodological approach, which zeroes in on the jobs or tasks that clients aim to accomplish and the contextual factors that drive their actions.


In this first module, we will focus on understanding the Jobs to be done –JTBD framework, its history and evolution and what we understand by the concept 'Job'. Let's get started!

Now that we've established a clear understanding of the 'Jobs' concept, in this second module, we'll explore the profound relevance of Jobs to be Done (JTBD) in software development. We'll uncover why a shift in mentality is crucial, techniques for conducting impactful client interviews, recommended observation methodologies within this framework, and strategies for effective data analysis to identify core jobs. Let's dive in and uncover the insights together.

In this module we will delve into Jobs' identification process in software development, the role of people in it, and the factors that influence job prioritization. Explore more on this topic!

Module 4 will guide you through the practical application of the JTBD framework in solution development. We'll explore various ideation techniques and delve into the creation of prototypes. Get ready to elevate your skills as we continue our learning journey!

As we transition into the testing and iteration phase, Module 5 will equip you with the essential skills to develop, apply, analyze, and interpret two critical types of tests: usability tests within the JTBD framework and A/B tests, also referred to as split tests, enabling us to compare two versions of the same product. Get ready to enhance your understanding and stay engaged!

In this final module, we'll explore in-depth how to analyze and seamlessly integrate the JTBD framework into software development. We'll dive deep into pivotal concepts such as design, development, collaboration, and communication, all through the lens of this powerful methodology. Let's take the next step forward!


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