Design thinking for software developers

Welcome to the Design Thinking for Software Developers course! Throughout this program, we'll embark on a journey to enhance our creativity in idea generation and develop the necessary skills to approach software development with a user-centered mindset. The key topics we'll cover include ideate, prototype, learning from users and implementing design thinking. Let's dive in and start learning!


Let's begin this journey with this first module, Introduction to Design Thinking, which will explain to us what design thinking is about, how the concept emerged, how it has evolved over time, and its importance in software development. Do you know what its stages are and how many? Here we will find out. Let's start this learning!

Let's get ready now to delve into Empathize: Understanding the User. Here we will learn about Empathy in Design and the Techniques for Gaining Empathy. What identifies Conducting User Interviews, or the Observation Techniques and Persona Creation? It's time to correlate these concepts and continue on this learning path

This third module, Problem Identification, presents us with two topics: Understanding the Define Phase in Design Thinking, and Formulating Problem Statements. You surely want us to delve into Techniques for Synthesizing Insights, or Exploring the Core of Problem Identification. We know you want to keep learning, so let's continue!

Now we've reached Module 4, Ideate: Generating Ideas. In this new challenge, we'll explore concepts such as the Definition of Ideation, Implementing Design Thinking, Applying Design Thinking in Software Projects, and many others that are part of a journey that will enable us to acquire the Techniques for Design Thinking. Let's continue with this learning journey!

The next module, Prototype: Making Ideas Tangible, will answer the question: what is Prototyping? We'll learn how to define a prototype, the types that exist, and its significance in the Design Thinking Process. Also, we'll understand the importance of analyzing user feedback. Let's keep going!

Now we come to the module Learning from Users. We'll start with an introduction to a method, used in product development to evaluate the product's usability, functionality, and overall user experience, by observing how real users interact with it, and how we perform interpreting feedback to iterate on solutions. Let's analyze this topic!

From this moment on, we will delve into the implementation of design thinking. We have exciting topics ahead of us, such as the application of design thinking in software projects or the analysis of successful design thinking cases. Through real-life examples, we will analyze how implementing design thinking strategy can generate transformative changes in user experience.


Creemos en el talento que crece con un aprendizaje activo y retador.




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